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Taiwan Fixed Network Co., Ltd._5G Smart Train FRMCS application platform operation and demonstration


1. Company Name

Main Proposer Company :Taiwan Fixed Network Co., Ltd.

2. Project Title:

5G Smart Train FRMCS application platform operation and demonstration plan

3. Company Overview

Taiwan Fixed Network Co., Ltd., which runs the brand “TWM Solution”, is the Enterprise Business Group of Taiwan Mobile. Taiwan Fixed Network follows the core value with Taiwan Mobile – “Create best customer experience” to provide customized enterprise solutions by integrating platforms and practicing 6C (Coverage、Convergence、Content、Channel、Cloud、CSR), and professional service team, to assist our enterprise clients improving efficiencies, cutting costs, and maximizing benefits.

In addition to continuing to deepen the existing voice and fixed network services, it will also further develop innovative application services such as 5G, cloud, Internet of Things, and information security. The business tentacles span manufacturing , retail, medical care, finance, government and other diverse fields, and has accumulated rich industrial experience to help customers with digital transformation.

4. Plan Overview:

Taiwan Fixed Network Co., Ltd. synergizes 5G hybrid private network technology with TETRA railway communication, augmented reality (AR), and AIoT advancements. This collaborative effort with multidisciplinary teams aims to make significant contributions to the railway industry. The primary goal is to establish specialized vertical application services. Through on-site testing and validation of innovative 5G applications on the Kaohsiung Light Rail, local companies can take the lead in conceptualizing and developing groundbreaking applications, as well as honing system integration capabilities.

The integration of 5G networks for delivering low latency, high bandwidth, and highly interconnected services will elevate the quality of rail services and bolster rail safety measures. This will enable real-time AR functionality, allowing for interactive services and the promotion of activities along the light rail route. Consequently, this will drive local tourism and address the needs of both the public and local businesses. Ultimately, this initiative aspires to create a tailored and scalable intelligent rail solution for the Kaohsiung Light Rail.

1. Pioneering the inaugural integration of 5G in railway wireless communication in Taiwan.

2. Implementing intelligent upgrades for AIoT prediction and alerting in light rail operations, streamlining investments by leveraging AI software over traditional monitoring hardware.

3. Leveraging AR and OLED smart display panels to augment passenger interactivity and enhance the overall tourism experience in the vicinity.


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