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Low Carbon Smart Tourism System Integrating AR Guided Service, Smart Parking Management, and TaaS


1. Company Name

Main Proposer Company :IN COMM CO., LTD.

2. Project Title:

Low Carbon Smart Tourism System Integrating AR Guided Service, Smart Parking Management, and TaaS Applications

3. Company Overview

The company is an important technology research and development company in the south. In the past ten years, it has implemented a number of policy planning and technology development suggestions for the Civil Aviation Administration of the Ministry of Communications, the Transportation Research Institute, and various scenic spots. In 2021, the Taiwan Pass system planning was implemented to fully integrate accommodation, travel, shopping and travel services, and to complete the expansion of the MaaS system architecture. The company is responsible for the main operation and implementation of this project. The affiliated companies already have the basic energy to operate electric vehicle rental in Tainan City, Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area, and Siraya Bay National Scenic Area, and will enter the project in 2023. Hengchun Kenting and Donggang Dapeng Bay Market operate the rental of low-carbon vehicles such as electric bicycles and electric locomotives. The company also has rich experience in integrating local business circles and merchants, as well as handling large-scale marketing activities, which can achieve the purpose of linking attractions and spreading services. Through the promotion of low-carbon transportation, combined with the use of mobile services, it not only brings convenience to tourists in business districts and scenic spots, but also improves the green image of scenic spots and improves market consumption efficiency.

4. Plan Overview:

1. Smart parking management system in scenic spots: Smart parking management is brought into hot spots in tourist sites. Equipment rental or parking charges can be used to support system maintenance and operation in the future, whereas the remaining funds used for maintenance and operation of VR/AR systems.

2. VR/AR systems: After the system is completed and installed, the content needs to be updated regularly every year to ensure accuracy of the information. Due to the lack of a profitable business model, however, future maintenance costs will be amortized by advertising and diversion revenues. Based on the needs of the management authority, policy campaigns could also be placed so as to pay the advertising costs if necessary.

3. Maintenance and operation of low-carbon smart electric vehicles: 100 low-carbon electric tourist vehicles will be brought into the project site, and to benefit from leasing or selling along with the tours. This business model may continue after the project comes to an end.

4. Tour sales and tour guide service: This integrated testing as a service (TaaS) system is to sell multiple services such as board and lodging tours in OTA or specific transportation ticket channels. Although a certain fee can be charged, it won’t be easy to make a profit in the short term. Subsidies through electric vehicle rental services are needed.

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