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HWACOM SYSTEMS INC. _ The Next-Generation of Freeway C-ITS Service Project


1. Company Name

Main Proposer Company :HWACOM SYSTEMS INC.

2. Project Title:

The Next-Generation of Freeway C-ITS Service Project

3. Company Overview

HwaCom Systems Inc. was established in 1994(Stock Code 6163)and be listed on OTC in 2002. With the brand concept of "Ace for Any ", HwaCom is the leading broadband system integrator and supplier of information communication technology, intelligence services, information security as well as multimedia application in Taiwan. We also press ahead the digital transformation and IOT value-added services.

In addition, HwaCom has continually strengthen industrial chain partnership, investment research and development on products and services, assist clients to promote the execution plan.

HwaCom makes an effort to do Cloud service and Remote service for establish a shared innovative service and application platform.

The Headquarter is located in Taipei and with 8 branches in ChungLi, HsinChu, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hualien, Tainan, Taitung and Taoyuan.

4. Plan Overview:

Accurate, effective and high-density data collection and release are everything for highway traffic management. For now, the management authority has installed devices such as vehicle detectors and electronic tag detectors to collect real-time traffic data on road, and through the computing of cloud traffic control central computer to present road section performance and events, so as to develop response plans and traffic control measures, while releasing real-time information through roadside variable info signs, traffic control equipment, 1968 website and various apps to the drivers and whoever passes by.

The coming of the 5G era and maturity of 5G-enabled applications make more and more developed countries in the world go deep into exploring forward-looking smart transportation applications like C-V2X internet of vehicle (IoV), edge AI image recognition technology and digital twins in the hope to improve traffic safety and efficiency. That is what this project would like to do, which is to put C-V2X IoV and Edge AI image recognition together, and implement it in traffic management of Taiwan’s highways, whereas field demonstrations will be conducted with the digital twin traffic management platform to make 5G-powered smart highways possible, improving the safety and efficiency of the overall highway services.

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