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Government Subsidy

HwaCom Systems Inc. __ 5G Security, Operations, and Travel Experience Service Plan


1. Company Name

Main Proposer Company :HwaCom Systems Inc.

2. Project Title:

5G Security, Operations, and Travel Experience Service Plan

3. Company Overview

Hwacom is committed to providing products and services in four major fields: information and communication, digital media, smart applications, and information security. Looking forward to the diversified development trends of the Internet of Things, information and communication technology, and mobile markets in the future, we will gradually transform into an innovative integration service company for Internet applications to meet customer needs and establish core values.

4. Plan Overview:

This project accelerates the implementation of innovative 5G applications, introducing 5G private network services at Taoyuan International Airport, eliminating the limitations of existing systems such as CCTV surveillance and control area patrols. To achieve this, the project will implement intelligent service robots and a backend operations control platform, breaking down barriers in terms of spatial and information collection.

The objective of this project is to leverage the characteristics of 5G networks to create new application scenarios that enhance real-time management, optimize the passenger travel experience, and address labor shortages. The project's primary goals include improving surveillance coverage within the terminal and enabling intelligent management of travel services. Key applications encompass the use of image recognition technology for "automatic recording and analysis of passenger ride data in the airport departure control area shuttle service," "mobile image surveillance service for temporary closed areas to maintain surveillance coverage within the terminal," and " Departure passenger flow recognition and statistics."

Additionally, the project will address on-site needs by planning "smart AMR(Autonomous Mobile Robot) to provide airport customer service and night patrols," "assistance for wheelchair-bound passengers," "on-demand shuttle service," and "mobile travel information services," thereby realizing passenger-centric services.


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