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Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. __ 5G Smart Port 2.0 and Innovative Tourism Applications

1. Company Name

Main Proposer Company :Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.

2. Project Title:

5G Smart Port 2.0 and Innovative Tourism Applications

3. Company Overview

◆ Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. - The Most Trusted Information and Communications Company
Main Business Scope: Local network, long-distance network, broadband access, mobile network, HiNet broadband internet, and value-added services.

◆ Argo Yachts Development Co., Ltd - Providing Comprehensive Ocean Lifestyle Solutions
Main Business Scope: Boat rental services, yacht management services, sales services, maintenance and certification courses, marina development, berth leasing and sales, recreational dining, and prestigious yacht club.

◆ Chunghwa System Integration Co., Ltd. - The Expert in Information and Communication Integration Services
Main Business Scope: Project systems, engineering implementation, professional system maintenance, 5G AIoT integration and application services.

◆ CHT Security Co., Ltd. - Providing 360-degree Enterprise Cybersecurity Protection
Main Business Scope: Internet security, cybersecurity professional services, product sales.

4. Plan Overview:

Working with the Taiwan International Ports Corporation, this project ‘5G Smart Port 2.0 and Innovative Tourism Applications’ is to continue what has been achieved in the previous phase back in 2021 and to bring the service to a wider audience. A whole new 5G-enabled unmanned vehicle for land, sea, and air inspections is set to be launched in the Anping Port and its yacht marinas in Tainan and the Love River Bay in Kaohsiung Port. With AI intelligent analysis, the application monitors whatever happens in the port area and helps the staff monitor and manage operations, while another smart service used to clean the sea surface is also adopted. The unmanned vehicle is not only equipped with a stainless steel garbage collection module, which can be quickly disassembled and reused, but also goes with oil-absorbent cotton to clean up oil pollution while collecting garbage. The service also fits into the ecological chain of the tourism industry, having the latest 5G applications placed in some of the new sightseeing spots of Anping Port that in a way attract a large number of people, whereas ensuring sustainable operation of this project and making sea-loving people feel what the service has to offer.


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