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Compal Electronics Incorporation__:5G and C-V2X Communication Protection System of Intelligent Railw


1. Company Name

Main Proposer Company :Compal Electronics Incorporation

2. Project Title:

5G and C-V2X Communication Protection System of Intelligent Railway

3. Company Overview

Compal has long been committed to the creation of 5G+C-V2X Internet of Vehicles and the deeply technical development. In the first project of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Compal is the first in the industry to integrate 5G and C-V2X IoV communications for establishing intelligent railways. The railway field adopts the 5G + C-V2X IoV based on the 3GPP Standards. Compal continues the plan of international railway communication to introduce C-V2X to the future railway mobile communication system (FRMCS). Compal took the lead in completing the digital twins platform of 5G + C-V2X IoV that creates a full-scenario connection of trains, railways, employees, and management centers. It provides the collaboration standard of C-V2X IoV for connecting railways and roads. In the future, railways and roads will be able to connect with each other by using a common international communication standard for the IoV. It can assist Taiwan Railways Administration(TRA) in development of IoV applications of international railway and highway, improving railway safety effectively.

4. Plan Overview:

Compal realized the Train Protection Radio System (TPRS) which has been used by Taiwan Railway for many years for the emergency calls and obstacle detection (OD) communication, is currently facing the difficulty of trouble with warranty and needs to be purchased with special orders from foreign supplier. Therefore, Compal provided a “5G + C-V2X IoV Digital Dual-Mode OD Communication System” to help Taiwan Railway Administration(TRA) build a set of digital and localized communication equipment and iRailSafeTM cloud platform .

Through this communication system and platform, it links the multi-fields in railway which include OD protection warning of level crossing、safety warning of train、V2P personnel safety warning、safety warning of railroad worker with lightweight flashing vest、OD warning of high risk hillside and foreign object detection on railroad, this collaboration with TRA could further improve and optimize field safety, and also build up a 5G+C-V2X IoV national team together for railway.

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