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Taiwan Ministry of Transportation and Communications has Innovated the 5G Transportation.


The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has partnered with the ICT industries to Accelerate Taiwan’s 5G Innovative Transformation of Railways, Airports and Seaports

In order to speed up the 5G digital transformation in the transportation field, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications has launched a five-year 5G Driven Intelligent Transportation Technology and Service Innovation Development and Management Plan since 2021. The plan is investing more than NT$300 million in the first two years to facilitate the development of 5G smart transportation technology and innovative applications by a number of information and communications companies. The Ministry will also showcase the unlimited possibilities of 5G smart transportation technology and innovative applications in the "Taiwan ITS Vision Pavilion" in the Taipei site of the “Smart City Summit & Expo and hold networking forums or sessions during the 4-day event from 22 thru 25 March 2022, allowing transportation players, the industrial partners, and the public to discuss and exchange views on 5G intelligent transportation solutions. All walks of life are welcome to participate.

For years 2021-2022, the 5G Driven Intelligent Transportation Technology and Service Innovation Development and Management Plan’s subsidy contract was officially signed in March 2022. It entrusted Chunghwa Telecom, Compal Computer, Asia Pacific Telecom, Donglit Logistics, MiTAC MiFUTURE, Papago Technology , Syscom Group, Far EasTone and other related companies to enter into the exclusive traffic areas that were previously restricted, including Taiwan Railway, Taoyuan Airport, Keelung Port, Taichung Port, Kaohsiung Port, Suhua Road Corridor, etc., to conduct 5G innovative service trials, thereby encouraging industrial development and innovative transportation services to further upgrade the safety and efficiency of transportation.

One of the key domestic transportation fields using 5G communication technology to improve service safety is the Taiwan Railway. Compal Computer and MiTAC MiFUTURE respectively used 5G transmission technology to build a smart railway safety early warning and action-taking system, together with train security monitoring and management system, etc. Through 5G to combine with intelligent railway application solutions, the protection system can not only preview the train running status in real time, but also able to record ATP faults at any time, which will greatly improve railway and train safety.

Both roads and railways are essential lines of land transportation, especially in the case of Suhua Road Corridor, which is the only road linkage between Yilan and Hualien, and its importance cannot be more self-evident. Syscom Group integrates 5G transmission technology and IoT applications to strengthen intelligent traffic control and management of Suhua Road Corridor and assists the traffic control center to evaluate and respond to road conditions soonest in real time so that passengers can drive on the most beautiful roads in Taiwan with ease and safety. In addition, on the western part of Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom has proposed a smart traffic management solution that integrates 5G virtual and reality technologies and will be on a field trial run in Taichung and Kaohsiung.

Intelligent airport has become the goal of airport internationalization around the woand rld. Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan has introduced unmanned intelligent vehicles with Papago Technology. In addition to transporting passengers, it can instantly return vehicle image information through 5G communication, helping the airport management to improve service qualities and safety monitoring efforts. Through the introduction of smart travel service system, it is for sure that improved passenger satisfaction and international ranking of Taoyuan International Airport are expected.

Taiwan's seaports play a vital role in connecting the world. The use of intelligent technology to improve safety and efficiency of smart port operations is the primary issue and key to promoting the intelligent management of Taiwan's port groups. Chunghwa Telecom uses unmanned vehicles to assist in traditional human inspection operations, Donglit Logistics introduces smart bus connections and image recognition services on dock pavement, Asia Pacific Telecom tests low-orbit satellites for oil pollution identification in the port area with drones monitoring air quality, and Far EasTone Telecom creates smart travel mobility services, all these are hoping to accelerate the digital transformation of port operations in order to enhance international competitiveness through 5G AIoT multiple application solutions.

In response to the advent of 5G era and through its "5G Driven Intelligent Transportation Technology and Service Innovation Development and Management Plan“, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications works on a Public Problem vs. Industrial Solution method to open up all related fields, and join hands with ICT companies to create and strengthen 5G innovative technological service-oriented land, sea, and air transportation developments. In the following-up period from 2023 to 2025, it is expected that more than NT$600 million will be invested in accelerating the 5G innovative and intelligent transportation to comprehensively enhance the all-out digital transformation of Taiwan’s transportation services.

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