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The programing of this website follows "Accessible Web Development Specification Version 2.0"(Level A currently.) which promulgated by National Communications Commission, provide page anchor (:::), accesskeys, sitemap, and other functions which are designed for web accessibility. To make people who are troubled with using mouse can browse the website easily, Here is the guide of the accesskeys of this website:

Alt + U:The top of the main browsing block. This block includes main menu links of this webiste.
Alt + C:The main content presentation block. This block presents the main content of the page.
Alt + L:The Left link block,This block is a sort and keywords. (Only list pages are set)
Alt + R:The right link block,This block is the relevant news and keywords. (Only pages within the article are set).
Alt + B:The bottom of the main browsing block. This block includes telephone numbers and address of the organization.

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